Tom Kribas has followed both the upturns and downturns of the real estate market since the financial crisis in 2008. His extensive research on the matter has allowed him to develop a sound understanding of how market mechanisms work, and what correct pricing/timing means.

Previously an external consultant for one of Canada’s leading mortgage financing companies, Tom was responsible for the tracking and performance benchmarking of approximately 1800 properties, showing a total value in excess of $550,000,000. Hardworking and results-oriented, Tom always puts his clients needs first. He will explain to you in a thorough manner every aspect of the real estate deal, and make recommendations on what he believes is the best approach to any given situation.

Tom enjoys the challenges of residential real estate and aims to provide his clients with a calm, prudent approach to an often chaotic process. His techniques provide results.

“I provide my clients with real-time data, knowledge that applies to today’s market so in turn they can make educated decisions. Service is Key.”

Tom holds a Bachelor of Economics (with Honours) from the University of Toronto. Furthermore, he’s an avid sports fan. You will undoubtedly run into him at a Raptor’s game, or playing pickup soccer at a field nearby.

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